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Edeas is a digital agency based in Hong Kong. For the past 20+ years, we have been transforming the digital presence of brands big and small, ranging from multinational corporations, top-tier local companies to NGOs and arts organisations. Our success is attributed to the kind of collaborative partnerships we forge with our clients - we ask the right questions and listen; we assemble the right strategy to fit the needs; create engaging experiences with an equal dose of craft and innovation. We deliver solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each client and are sustainable over the long run, because we care about the future outcome. We are waiting to connect with you.

Strategic thinking

We prefer to sit down with the client to thoroughly analyse the situation instead of receiving a one way brief. Using the latest industry insight, together we work out a detailed plan, about the branding, content, concept development, technical platform and marketing strategy; all the essential ingredients for a result-driven digital strategy.

UI / UX Design

We create designs with a relentless pursuit of the right balance between aesthetic and efficiency. We add just enough bells and whistles to delight but never divert from our drive for usability, crafting the ideal customer journey that complement your immersive brand experience.
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Data Modeling


From website, mobile to intranet, we give extra care to the coding standard, the technical performance and test them rigorously across platforms. We establish relationships between your data, streamline the processes - always less clicks, more robust. We believe in providing content management tools that are built specially for you, not off-the-shelf product so that the design and the data will work hand-in-hand seamlessly to empower the users.


After launch does not mean the end of the engagement. We work continuously to optimise the structure, enhance the content, market the product, analyse the results and putting all the knowledge back full-circle into refining the long-term strategy.

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